Warehousing Services

Multi-Island. Scalable. Secure
Warehousing is an integral component of 3rd party fulfillment, but multi-island storage and fulfillment is not necessarily a capacity of our competitors. At Delivery Hawaii we believe that proximity to your customers, while maintaining control of your inventory, is a critical element in lowering transportation costs and ensuring continual excellent service throughout the logistics process, down to the last link of the supply chain. But there's more! There are many benefits that we consider standard and that make our 3PL warehouses feel like part of your own facility.

Store Your Goods On-Island & SAVE!


Don't Waste Time and Money
with the Old Expensive Inter-island 3-Step
  1. From your facility or distribution center, goods are transported across your island to the airport or harbor.
  2. Your goods are then moved across the water by air or by cargo vessel to their neighbor island destination.
  3. On each neighbor island goods are picked up from the airport or harbor, transported and finally delivered to your customer’s location.
Deliver Your Goods Directly
from Fulfillment Warehouse to Customer!

Lower your transportation costs and delivery time with multi-island warehousing. Get the best handling experience and value for the transport of your goods to their final destination when you combine our warehousing and delivery services.

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Scalable Warehousing

Flexible storage options allow you to use only what you need and keep your logistics costs down.

Bulk Storage

Bulk Storage

Palleted inventory.
Rack Storage

Rack Storage

Keep your goods on racks.
Shelved Storage

Shelved Storage

For smaller items and smaller quantities.

Manage Your Inventory
From a Central Location

Anywhere internet is available.

Our REAL-time IMS (inventory management system) allows you
to view and track your current inventory on any island
individually or in all our Hawaii facilities combined.

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Inside Our Warehouses



We currently have over 35,000 square feet of warehouse space in all our warehouses combined—and we keep growing!
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

You can rest assured your goods are in good hands. Our warehouse facilities are clean, safe & secure.
Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Is your inventory heat sensitive? No need to worry about Hawaii's tropical climate with our climate-controlled storage.
Local Presence

Local Presence

Storing and shipping your goods locally creates business presence with close proximity to your customers.

Distribution & Shipping Options
That Fit Your Needs

  • Expedited to Economy – Service options to meet your budget or urgency
  • Maritime Security & TSA Approved – We can pick-up/drop-off at all Hawaii harbors and airports
  • Special Handling or Additional Service – We'll respond with the best action plan that's sensitive to your project needs and your budget

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Getting Your Inventory to
Our Hawaii Warehouses

We make it easy!

We'll coordinate with your inbound carrier or
pick-up from ANY Hawaii harbor or airport!

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Ready to create your local presence?