How it works

How it Works

(it's as easy as 1-2-3—SAVE!)

On-Island Storage

Store your goods in any of our warehouses on the islands where your customers are.


Order Processing & Fulfillment

Place your orders online or by phone, email or fax and we'll pick, pack and fulfill them for you quickly and accurately.


Transportation & Distribution

Rely on us to deliver your orders safely and swiftly—and with a smile—or we will work with your courier of choice.

Real SavingsSAVE

Real Savings

Enjoy saving time and money—and did we mention happier customers too!

How To Get Started

When you contact us, we'll walk you through each step
to get you set up...

Warehouse Storage Criteria

We'll ask you questions about your inventory and order history and after a thorough analysis, we'll determine your required storage space and other criteria such as:

  • Special handling or other requirements
  • Distribution across our multi-island warehouses
  • Storage position(s) such as on racks or shelves.

Receiving of Goods

We can help you get your goods to our warehouse with a variety of options and inspect them to make sure they've arrived in the condition that you sent them.

  • Pick-up from all Hawaii harbors and airports
  • Inbound quality inspection and count
  • Purchase order reconciliation (if direct from vendor)
  • Containers or shipments
  • Pallet breakdown

Inventory Integration

Integrating your inventory into our advanced software system is at the core of how we operate. This important step allows us to fulfill orders quickly and accurately and keeps you in control of your goods in REAL-time. The process includes:

  • Barcode assignment if needed
  • Integration of item types and/or assignment if needed
  • Warehouse positioning

Placing an Order

When your customer places an order that we need to fulfill, telling us about it is easy. Use any one of our accepted means of communication to send us your order—and that's it, you're done! Send us the order in the morning and we'll deliver in the afternoon!

  • Place an order by phone, fax, email or online*
  • Sit back, relax
  • Receive confirmation of delivery to your customer
  • Same day delivery service is available

*For detailed instructions on "Ways to Place an Order", please visit our fulfillment services page.

Save Money

Our competitive pricing keeps more money in your pocket. We can provide you the most value when you choose our complete third-party logistics service, yet we will always offer the best value for your particular needs and you'll be making the smart choice for your business.

  • Competitive pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Cancel anytime

Stock Replenishment

Once you're all set-up and placing orders, the next step is making sure we don't run out of stock to fulfill your orders. We make it easy with low level notifications. You can set-up automated email alerts when stock gets below a certain level.

  • Receive an email when your stock gets below a certain level
  • You can have inventory moved from one of our warehouses to another
  • Manage it all online anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection! Learn more