Who We Are

Ken and Monica Dawson are former founders and owners of a same day delivery service company in the Chicago area.

Specializing in the development and implementation of “Same Day Delivery Programs” for large well known companies, the Dawson’s delivered over 3,000 packages per day to companies that placed their order with our customers by a pre-defined time, Same Day! Same Day Courier Delivery Service at it’s finest!

During their time in Chicago, the Dawson’s took the art of same-day delivery services to a higher level by identifying gaps in delivery service processes and creating software solutions and technology processes to contribute to their ability to provide their customers with a customized and unparalleled same day delivery service.

By 2001 the business saw sales in excess of $3 million annually!

In 2001 the Dawson’s sold their company and relocated to Hawaii in 2003.

In early 2006 the Dawson’s acquired Maui Parcel Service; a courier delivery service, founded in 1991, with a solid reputation as a dependable and quality-driven same-day provider.

Expanding and enhancing upon the company’s reputation by growing and extending their same-day delivery services and capabilities throughout the state, Delivery Hawaii, Inc. was born.

Today, Delivery Hawaii offers their customers highly efficient swift same-day delivery services along with custom warehouse management, inventory control and distribution. With a focus on providing outstanding service to meet your unique business delivery needs, Delivery Hawaii is here for you.

At Delivery Hawaii our mission is more than can be defined by a simple mission statement – our mission is behind the fuel to our success… and to your success!

“World Class Service…With a GREAT Attitude!” With our “Whatever it takes” approach to our offered courier services, we find that our clients enjoy their business relationship with Delivery Hawaii. Our team of friendly and talented professionals are courteous and willing to take the best approach in order to find the shipping resolution that works best for you!

On Time

Whether your courier needs are for Next Day, Same Day, or within a few hours, Delivery Hawaii will ensure that your packages are delivered to their recipients on time and within your schedule.

The Right Location

The roads on the islands of Hawaii can be complex and often under construction; our skilled courier delivery drivers have the knowledge to swiftly and safely navigate the roadways in order to get your vital deliveries where they need to be – on time, in one piece!

Delivery Hawaii understands the need to keep your business operations moving smoothly; as a customer of Delivery Hawaii, we are confident that you will soon learn to rely on us for our flexibility, our determination to do things the right way the first time, and our genuine drive to see your business achieve the ultimate in success.

At Delivery Hawaii we have a different way of doing things! Our approach is one of doing what it takes to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that our way of handling all of your courier delivery needs is the right way of getting deliveries to their destinations. We do delivery better, faster, and with a much better sense of humor than our competitors do!

The Personal Touch When you call Delivery Hawaii we guarantee that you will never sit through a prerecorded message that mechanically tells you to “please hold until someone is available to take your call.” A live customer service star will always answer your call and work tirelessly towards making your courier delivery needs happen in the most prompt, efficient, and friendly way possible! There are pretty good chances that our customer service champs will leave you with a smile on your face!

Our Trained Professionals All of our Delivery Hawaii employees have met the highest in screening, hiring, and training criteria in order to ensure that we are providing the stellar level of service that our clients are expecting. Our drivers are professional in appearance and attitude and they work towards ensuring that your packages arrive on schedule with an attitude of “Excellent Service Is The Key!”

Delivery Hawaii is committed towards keeping your business moving at the speed of operational excellence. From an envelope to a full truckload, allow us to make our way – your way!


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